A small town outpost South of Fort Karn, Kaeth is primarily a farming village, formed to take advantage of the abundant soil found just past Sinder Woods. Nestled where to small rivers, Garund River and Jasith River meet, Kaeth takes advantage of the abundant water sources, using them for irrigation, transporting goods, and fishing.

Kaeth is merely 3 years old, but has been developing quickly. Located on the outskirts of Araloth and Toth Province, it is on the forefront of advancing territory and exploration. This leaves it vulnerable to attacks from enemy creatures. New monster lairs and dungeons are found frequently in the nearby areas, and areas not fully cleared quickly repopulate.

Because it does not take long to travel to places worthy of exploration while staying near to the safety of a town, Kaeth is a great place for aspirant adventurers.


Approximately 200 (95% Human, 3% Half-elf, 1% Elf, <1%><1%><1%Half-Orc)

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